Sunday, 10 November 2013

New acquisitions to satisfy my obsessions ;)

Firstly, the Fuji Instanx Mini 90. Consistently takes better exposures than my current Instanx Mini 7. The flash looks similar, but the metering seems more accurate and smarter. In addition, you can "over-ride" it slightly with the compensation. I was a little taken aback when I found out it runs on a proprietary battery, but I will accept it for the moment. There's a macro mode, but I don't find it useful since it's impossible to tell if I am at the correct distance at all ;(

Oh, and the Holga Fisheye for the 7 cannot be used on 90; I am still happy with 7 (especially the fact that I can use AA batteries) so I don't have issues with that yet. Boy, I just discovered that Holga has so much accessories now!

Secondly, the BigShot Camera. It's a DIY digital camera (more like self assembly) with educational intentions. Too easy, but since everything is electronic and IC-ed, I don't expect much work too (unlike the mechanical film ones). One issue is I don't have any idea when the battery is holding enough charge to be operated. I left it connected to the PC for one hour, but still cannot work it. In the end, I charged it with a charger and it works after 30 minutes.

Thirdly, the ParaShoot 2.1. Let's see how it will fare when I get it in December ;)
[Delivery of ParaShoot is postponed again to Feb 2014 ;\]

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