Friday, 27 April 2012

Co-assignment #1

Finally got my pictures and can start writing about the assignment.

First of all, kids can be difficult subjects to work with, or at least, they need more time. Sometimes, it is just best to go with the flow and let things happen. Be an observer and take shots as things unfold. I may sound harsh, but that's what we are paid for, right?

Since my friend is the main photographer, I focused on how he worked instead. I must admit I am not good with kids, and still have a lot to learn. Maybe I should just avoid kids.

We started in the house, and make the sofa the main backdrop of the family portrait.
The light setup

Later, we made our way to the playground. Probably a bad idea, since there was a passing rain. The kid wet his shorts and began throwing tantrums. I was tempted to stop the session, but I kept quiet since I was not calling the shots. An assistant should know his place and position.

My on-camera flash was too harsh. The colours were washed out and a hard shadow was casted.

Apparently, the kid was feeling uncomfortable with his wet pants. But portraits shouldn't be just about smiles and laughters :)

Need to keep a watch on my flash in future

Probably the best of the day?

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